Flypaper – 2011

by Constant Rock

Posted on at 4:07 am

Flypaper movie I liked “Flypaper” because it has a good quality humor here and there, and because Ashley Judd, an actress which I like, is starring in it. The film is set in a bank, where, hilariously, two gangs of thieves are trying to rob the bank in the same time. There’s a shootout, a […]

Far North – 2007

by Constant Rock

Posted on at 5:18 pm

Michelle Yeoh, Michelle Krusiec and Sean Bean in “Far North” I think that the action of the movie is taken place somewhere near the Bering Strait, where two women, Saiva (Michelle Yeoh) and Anja (Michelle Krusie) live their nomadic existence in isolation from the rest of the world. Anja, Saiva’s adopted daughter, was saved from […]

The Intouchables – 2011

by Constant Rock

Posted on at 6:00 pm

François Cluzet and Omar Sy in “The Intouchables” “The Intouchables” is a French film, well done, about a very rich old man which is paralyzed in a wheelchair. This man, Philippe (François Cluzet) is looking for a man to take care of him. Along with one of his secretaries, played by the beautiful Audrey Fleurot, […]

Ca$h – 2010

by Constant Rock

Posted on at 5:47 pm

Sean Bean, Chris Hemsworth and Victoria Profeta in “Ca$h” “Ca$h” is an action movie with plenty of comic accents, about a suitcase with almost $ 700,000, money coming from theft, which comes, by force of circumstances, into possession of a young couple and turn their lives upside down. Sam Phelan (Chris Hemsworth – which we […]

The Kings of Summer – 2013

by Constant Rock

Posted on at 5:34 pm

Tribal dance on a pipe in “The Kings of Summer” “The Kings of Summer” disappointed me. I thought it would be a good movie , but it was not so. The action is not that original, and I think that film is a little too overrated. “The Kings of Summer” is the story of two […]

The Giant Mechanical Man – 2012

by Constant Rock

Posted on at 11:47 pm

Jenna Fischer and Chris Messina in “The Giant Mechanical Man” “The Giant Mechanical Man” is a simple film, easy to follow, which brings nothing new, but about which you cannot say that it not deserves our attention. The thread of action is quite trivial. Two misfits of the American society and in general of the […]