Flypaper – 2011

I liked “Flypaper” because it has a good quality humor here and there, and because Ashley Judd, an actress which I like, is starring in it.

The film is set in a bank, where, hilariously, two gangs of thieves are trying to rob the bank in the same time. There’s a shootout, a man dies, which later turns out to be an FBI agent, and then the two sides reached a consensus: some will take money from the ATM, and the others from the safe. Tripp Kennedy (Patrick Dempsey) is a customer at the bank when the robbery starts, and he is the one who makes reconciliation and throughout the movie will make different logical connections between things that happen, issuing all sorts of assumptions. Kaitlin (Ashley Judd) is a clerk in the bank and with the other few customers and colleagues including the bank manager, an older gentleman, are taken hostage.

Ashley Judd in “Flypaper”

Thieves from both sides, produce hilarious scenes, the lack of intelligence being one of the causes. Among the thieves there is a Jew, which makes some jokes about himself, asking a colleague if he ever saw many Jewish people to rob banks. The conclusion was that there aren’t really such people. Because it would mean to rob themselves, I would add. You get the idea.

A lot of explosions, many shootouts and unexpected things happen, and during all this time Kaitlin and Tripp are falling in love.

The surprise comes at the end when Kaitlin actually reveals to be a well known bank robber, pulling money out from the bank into fake gift boxes received from a fictitious rich fiance.

There was a hilarious moment when the two groups of thieves searched the internet for the top most wanted bank robbers to prove to one another who ranks better.

Far North – 2007

I think that the action of the movie is taken place somewhere near the Bering Strait, where two women, Saiva (Michelle Yeoh) and Anja (Michelle Krusie) live their nomadic existence in isolation from the rest of the world. Anja, Saiva’s adopted daughter, was saved from a village where few men, who spoke Russian, had killed all the inhabitants. Saiva had a boyfriend in that village who was killed right before her eyes.

Michelle Yeoh in “Far North”

Saiva finds Loki (Sean Bean), a former soldier, somewhere in the vast expanses of frozen land and saves his life by bringing him into their tent. Loki falls for Anja and plan to leave together to live a life somewhere among the people. Then something unexpected and macabre happens, something I wouldn’t think of. When Loki is gone hunting, Saiva kills Anja and oddly takes the skin from girl’s face putting it on her face. When Loki comes, he thinks she’s Anja, makes love to her, but quickly realizes the macabre situation. The movie ends in this way, fulfilling the prophecy which a shaman made when Saiva was born. It stated that all who get close to her will be destroyed.

Landscapes in the movie are superb, everything is white and you can hear only the wind. I liked the intimate atmosphere from the tent where it seemed that it was really warm among all those furs. For such people, reindeer meat is a delicacy, and Loki hunts such an animal.

Michelle Yeoh is a beautiful woman and a good actress, which now I learned that is born in Malaysia. I’ve seen her recently in “The Lady”, a film which was released in 2011, where she plays the role of national heroine of Myanmar, Aung San Suu Kyi.

“Far North” is an interesting movie that aroused my appetite to read again “The Fur Country” by Jules Verne .

The Intouchables – 2011

“The Intouchables” is a French film, well done, about a very rich old man which is paralyzed in a wheelchair. This man, Philippe (François Cluzet) is looking for a man to take care of him. Along with one of his secretaries, played by the beautiful Audrey Fleurot, they meet Driss (Omar Sy) during the interview, a young black man who had no interest to employ, but only to receive a stamp to prove the Unemployment Office that is looking for a job. Philippe gives Driss a probationary period and thus becomes his caretaker. From now on, a series of hilarious situations happen and these will make the two men to become friends. When Driss must leave, Philippe will no longer find a caretaker to like.

Omar Sy and François Cluzet

Driss is the character which I liked the most in this movie, Omar Sy making a great role. Driss is a young man without complexes , very natural and direct, with some inclination towards art . Philippe corresponded from some time with a woman, and Driss helps him to get closer to her. Driss also helps Philippe’s daughter in the relationship she had with a boy, he drives the arisocrat in his luxury cars which he no longer use and reminds him how to live the simple pleasures of life.

The film is based on real facts, but I think that the character played by Omar Sy is better than the original.

I liked the irony on the so-called modern art, when Driss paints an abstract painting that Philipe sells for a fairly large amount.

It is worth seeing this film which you will leave a good impression. I hope to see Sy in other movies.

Ca$h – 2010

“Ca$h” is an action movie with plenty of comic accents, about a suitcase with almost $ 700,000, money coming from theft, which comes, by force of circumstances, into possession of a young couple and turn their lives upside down.

Cash 2010

Sam Phelan (Chris Hemsworth – which we know from “Thor ” and “The Avengers” ) and his wife Leslie (Victoria Profeta), really think luck has finally smiled on them and start to spend the money which come out from the sky. They buy home furniture, a Range Rover car, and some of the money they deposited in various banks. Unfortunately, the man to which the money belonged is visited by his twin brother in jail, he tells to him about the money and the brother begin to search. Although it would seem hard to believe, he finds Sam and Leslie quite easy, checking in the town for all those who bought cars by paying the full amount .

The experienced villain, played well by Sean Bean, settles himself in couple’s house, goes with them to the banks to withdraw money, sells the car and manages to recover much of the money. The problem is the remaining amount and, to return it, the two young people are forced to do things that they never dreamed they could do before the suitcase with money entered into their ordinary lives. Sam, who is constantly humiliated by the criminal, finally has a moment of great inspiration and kills him. The two keep money earned from this unique experience.

I liked how Sean Bean played, unlike Victoria Profeta which played miserably. Interesting is the fact that the criminal practices some kind of Qigong.

“Ca$h” is an acceptable film, wanting to convey that in life nothing comes for free and that everything costs.

The Kings of Summer – 2013

“The Kings of Summer” disappointed me. I thought it would be a good movie , but it was not so. The action is not that original, and I think that film is a little too overrated.

“The Kings of Summer” is the story of two teenagers, Joe (Nick Robinson) and Patrick (Gabriel Basso) who run away from home and build, into the woods, something resembling a house. The two boys were joined early by another teenager, Biaggio (Moises Arias), which is the character that I liked the most in this film. He has a hilarious face, short, with an unmistakable dancing style and being able to give answers without any sense. The so-called Italian language that he speaks with his father is as weird as he is. Once established in the new house, the three boys share their responsibilities, the main goal being to avoid contact with civilization. They have to hunt, pick up fruits, but will end up to eat chicken bought from the store.

Problems arise when they are visited by some other teenage friends, and among them is Kelly (Erin Moriarty), a cute girl Joe is in love with. And just as Troy was destroyed by a woman, Kelly destroys the harmony between the two friends, hooking up with Patrick. After the quarrel between the two friends, Joe remains alone in the house. Kelly brings Joe’s father to the house, an incident with a snake that bites Biaggio takes place and finally all ends fine.

Joe’s father is a joker which I really liked, and the landscapes are really beautiful. But the memorable scene in the movie is when Joe and Patrick are beating with some sticks in a pipe on which Biaggio is dancing a tribal dance.

“The Kings of Summer” reminded me of “Moonrise Kingdom” (2012), another overrated film, though it seemed to be better done. “The Kings of Summer” wants to communicate to us the human desire to live a simple life in the middle of the nature, is a film about growing up and formation, about friendship and freedom.

The Giant Mechanical Man – 2012

“The Giant Mechanical Man” is a simple film, easy to follow, which brings nothing new, but about which you cannot say that it not deserves our attention.

The thread of action is quite trivial. Two misfits of the American society and in general of the world which we live in, fall in love and all ends well. Janice (Jenna Fischer) and Tim (Chris Messina) go through difficult periods of their existence, but their paths happily intersect. Tim feels that his role in life is to climb on some stilts and dress up like a metal man, making a living from donated money by rushed passersby. Janice is dismissed from work and ends up to work at a zoo where she meets Tim, who’s a new employee there. He was just left by his girlfriend, who obviously no longer understood him, renounces to what he thought was his vocation and intends to be a “normal man”.

The character who seemed to me the most annoying in the film is Doug (Topher Grace), a self-centered writer, full of himself and very boring, with a figure of a frustrated man. Janice has a half-sister, where she lives for a while, and this sister, together with her husband, wants by all means to hook her up with the “great” writer. This stupid goal will never be accomplished.

Tim’s girlfriend is Pauline, played by actress Lucy Punch, who, remembering the movie “Bad Teacher”, reminds me of a squirrel or something like that. Janice’s sister is the actress with ice eyes, Malin Akerman, whereof I have just learned that is of Swedish origin, and this fully justifies its typical figure.

“The Giant Mechanical Man” is a film about the power of being yourself when all around you say you’re not right, about being fair to yourself and the others, about doing what you feel that you need to do, without being shackled by society’s stupid prejudices, about love and the desire to feel fulfilled and happy.