The Intouchables – 2011

“The Intouchables” is a French film, well done, about a very rich old man which is paralyzed in a wheelchair. This man, Philippe (François Cluzet) is looking for a man to take care of him. Along with one of his secretaries, played by the beautiful Audrey Fleurot, they meet Driss (Omar Sy) during the interview, a young black man who had no interest to employ, but only to receive a stamp to prove the Unemployment Office that is looking for a job. Philippe gives Driss a probationary period and thus becomes his caretaker. From now on, a series of hilarious situations happen and these will make the two men to become friends. When Driss must leave, Philippe will no longer find a caretaker to like.

Omar Sy and François Cluzet

Driss is the character which I liked the most in this movie, Omar Sy making a great role. Driss is a young man without complexes , very natural and direct, with some inclination towards art . Philippe corresponded from some time with a woman, and Driss helps him to get closer to her. Driss also helps Philippe’s daughter in the relationship she had with a boy, he drives the arisocrat in his luxury cars which he no longer use and reminds him how to live the simple pleasures of life.

The film is based on real facts, but I think that the character played by Omar Sy is better than the original.

I liked the irony on the so-called modern art, when Driss paints an abstract painting that Philipe sells for a fairly large amount.

It is worth seeing this film which you will leave a good impression. I hope to see Sy in other movies.

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