Ca$h – 2010

“Ca$h” is an action movie with plenty of comic accents, about a suitcase with almost $ 700,000, money coming from theft, which comes, by force of circumstances, into possession of a young couple and turn their lives upside down.

Cash 2010

Sam Phelan (Chris Hemsworth – which we know from “Thor ” and “The Avengers” ) and his wife Leslie (Victoria Profeta), really think luck has finally smiled on them and start to spend the money which come out from the sky. They buy home furniture, a Range Rover car, and some of the money they deposited in various banks. Unfortunately, the man to which the money belonged is visited by his twin brother in jail, he tells to him about the money and the brother begin to search. Although it would seem hard to believe, he finds Sam and Leslie quite easy, checking in the town for all those who bought cars by paying the full amount .

The experienced villain, played well by Sean Bean, settles himself in couple’s house, goes with them to the banks to withdraw money, sells the car and manages to recover much of the money. The problem is the remaining amount and, to return it, the two young people are forced to do things that they never dreamed they could do before the suitcase with money entered into their ordinary lives. Sam, who is constantly humiliated by the criminal, finally has a moment of great inspiration and kills him. The two keep money earned from this unique experience.

I liked how Sean Bean played, unlike Victoria Profeta which played miserably. Interesting is the fact that the criminal practices some kind of Qigong.

“Ca$h” is an acceptable film, wanting to convey that in life nothing comes for free and that everything costs.

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