Flypaper – 2011

I liked “Flypaper” because it has a good quality humor here and there, and because Ashley Judd, an actress which I like, is starring in it.

The film is set in a bank, where, hilariously, two gangs of thieves are trying to rob the bank in the same time. There’s a shootout, a man dies, which later turns out to be an FBI agent, and then the two sides reached a consensus: some will take money from the ATM, and the others from the safe. Tripp Kennedy (Patrick Dempsey) is a customer at the bank when the robbery starts, and he is the one who makes reconciliation and throughout the movie will make different logical connections between things that happen, issuing all sorts of assumptions. Kaitlin (Ashley Judd) is a clerk in the bank and with the other few customers and colleagues including the bank manager, an older gentleman, are taken hostage.

Ashley Judd in “Flypaper”

Thieves from both sides, produce hilarious scenes, the lack of intelligence being one of the causes. Among the thieves there is a Jew, which makes some jokes about himself, asking a colleague if he ever saw many Jewish people to rob banks. The conclusion was that there aren’t really such people. Because it would mean to rob themselves, I would add. You get the idea.

A lot of explosions, many shootouts and unexpected things happen, and during all this time Kaitlin and Tripp are falling in love.

The surprise comes at the end when Kaitlin actually reveals to be a well known bank robber, pulling money out from the bank into fake gift boxes received from a fictitious rich fiance.

There was a hilarious moment when the two groups of thieves searched the internet for the top most wanted bank robbers to prove to one another who ranks better.

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