The Giant Mechanical Man – 2012

“The Giant Mechanical Man” is a simple film, easy to follow, which brings nothing new, but about which you cannot say that it not deserves our attention.

The thread of action is quite trivial. Two misfits of the American society and in general of the world which we live in, fall in love and all ends well. Janice (Jenna Fischer) and Tim (Chris Messina) go through difficult periods of their existence, but their paths happily intersect. Tim feels that his role in life is to climb on some stilts and dress up like a metal man, making a living from donated money by rushed passersby. Janice is dismissed from work and ends up to work at a zoo where she meets Tim, who’s a new employee there. He was just left by his girlfriend, who obviously no longer understood him, renounces to what he thought was his vocation and intends to be a “normal man”.

The character who seemed to me the most annoying in the film is Doug (Topher Grace), a self-centered writer, full of himself and very boring, with a figure of a frustrated man. Janice has a half-sister, where she lives for a while, and this sister, together with her husband, wants by all means to hook her up with the “great” writer. This stupid goal will never be accomplished.

Tim’s girlfriend is Pauline, played by actress Lucy Punch, who, remembering the movie “Bad Teacher”, reminds me of a squirrel or something like that. Janice’s sister is the actress with ice eyes, Malin Akerman, whereof I have just learned that is of Swedish origin, and this fully justifies its typical figure.

“The Giant Mechanical Man” is a film about the power of being yourself when all around you say you’re not right, about being fair to yourself and the others, about doing what you feel that you need to do, without being shackled by society’s stupid prejudices, about love and the desire to feel fulfilled and happy.

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