The Kings of Summer – 2013

“The Kings of Summer” disappointed me. I thought it would be a good movie , but it was not so. The action is not that original, and I think that film is a little too overrated.

“The Kings of Summer” is the story of two teenagers, Joe (Nick Robinson) and Patrick (Gabriel Basso) who run away from home and build, into the woods, something resembling a house. The two boys were joined early by another teenager, Biaggio (Moises Arias), which is the character that I liked the most in this film. He has a hilarious face, short, with an unmistakable dancing style and being able to give answers without any sense. The so-called Italian language that he speaks with his father is as weird as he is. Once established in the new house, the three boys share their responsibilities, the main goal being to avoid contact with civilization. They have to hunt, pick up fruits, but will end up to eat chicken bought from the store.

Problems arise when they are visited by some other teenage friends, and among them is Kelly (Erin Moriarty), a cute girl Joe is in love with. And just as Troy was destroyed by a woman, Kelly destroys the harmony between the two friends, hooking up with Patrick. After the quarrel between the two friends, Joe remains alone in the house. Kelly brings Joe’s father to the house, an incident with a snake that bites Biaggio takes place and finally all ends fine.

Joe’s father is a joker which I really liked, and the landscapes are really beautiful. But the memorable scene in the movie is when Joe and Patrick are beating with some sticks in a pipe on which Biaggio is dancing a tribal dance.

“The Kings of Summer” reminded me of “Moonrise Kingdom” (2012), another overrated film, though it seemed to be better done. “The Kings of Summer” wants to communicate to us the human desire to live a simple life in the middle of the nature, is a film about growing up and formation, about friendship and freedom.

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