Far North – 2007

I think that the action of the movie is taken place somewhere near the Bering Strait, where two women, Saiva (Michelle Yeoh) and Anja (Michelle Krusie) live their nomadic existence in isolation from the rest of the world. Anja, Saiva’s adopted daughter, was saved from a village where few men, who spoke Russian, had killed all the inhabitants. Saiva had a boyfriend in that village who was killed right before her eyes.

Michelle Yeoh in “Far North”

Saiva finds Loki (Sean Bean), a former soldier, somewhere in the vast expanses of frozen land and saves his life by bringing him into their tent. Loki falls for Anja and plan to leave together to live a life somewhere among the people. Then something unexpected and macabre happens, something I wouldn’t think of. When Loki is gone hunting, Saiva kills Anja and oddly takes the skin from girl’s face putting it on her face. When Loki comes, he thinks she’s Anja, makes love to her, but quickly realizes the macabre situation. The movie ends in this way, fulfilling the prophecy which a shaman made when Saiva was born. It stated that all who get close to her will be destroyed.

Landscapes in the movie are superb, everything is white and you can hear only the wind. I liked the intimate atmosphere from the tent where it seemed that it was really warm among all those furs. For such people, reindeer meat is a delicacy, and Loki hunts such an animal.

Michelle Yeoh is a beautiful woman and a good actress, which now I learned that is born in Malaysia. I’ve seen her recently in “The Lady”, a film which was released in 2011, where she plays the role of national heroine of Myanmar, Aung San Suu Kyi.

“Far North” is an interesting movie that aroused my appetite to read again “The Fur Country” by Jules Verne .

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